Our Stone

  • Sage Hills

    Grays, Tans, Olives & Rust Shades

  • Rustic Red Rustic Red- Boulders

    Burgandy and pinks through the stone Used as a blending stone

  • Montana Gold Montana Gold - Exterior

    Naturally Weathered Reddish Browns, Yellows & Plums HIGH RUST CONTENT

  • Kodiak
  • Gray Mountain Gray Mountain Ledge

    Light Grays with some Brown Highlights

  • Glacier Green Glacier Green Thin Veneer

    Greens, light greens with some apricot brown tones

  • Elk Mountain Elk Mountain - Archway

    Browns, Reddish Brown with some dark to light grays

  • Early Sunset Early Sunset Veneer

    Reddish browns, yellows & plums with some grays HIGH IRON & SULFUR CONTENT

  • Bronze Bronze Block Wall

    Exquisitely colored with deep reddish browns & plums with some grays WARNING: HIGH RUST CONTENT

  • Blue Ridge Blue Ridge Wall Rock

    This marvelous stone possesses light grays, bluish grays with some subtle brown highlights.