203 West Lynch • Plains, MT

Our Stone

Timeless Beauty at Affordable Prices

Sage Hills

Grays, Tans, Olives & Rust Shades

Rustic Red- Boulders

Rustic Red

Burgandy and pinks through the stone Used as a blending stone

Montana Gold - Exterior

Montana Gold

Naturally Weathered Reddish Browns, Yellows & Plums HIGH RUST CONTENT

Gray Mountain Ledge

Gray Mountain

Light Grays with some Brown Highlights

Glacier Green Thin Veneer

Glacier Green

Greens, light greens with some apricot brown tones

Elk Mountain - Archway

Elk Mountain

Browns, Reddish Brown with some dark to light grays

Early Sunset

Reddish browns, yellows & plums with some grays HIGH IRON & SULFUR CONTENT


The unique patent pending design of the Stump Grill is very easy to assemble. Simply slide adjusting and mounting brackets to the base of grill! Set grill on top of the stump, so the handle is away from the vent hole, and any cracks that may be in your side of Stump Stove. Take screws…
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